Bangladesh & South Asia Tour

We have just recently returned from meeting the South Asian Team for Generation Fire , and a week visiting the Transformation centre.  The first 2 days was spent with 30 or so leaders from across South Asia who most had never met before. 

For most part the South Asia Gathering was a life changing and encouraging time for everyone. The way people have been touched by the Holy Spirit has been so encouraging.  People went back to their Nations and Communities with the Fire of the Holy Spirit,  we are hearing reports of more and more people wanting start Fire Hubs or Prayer Furnaces. 

The Battle for Marriage

Australia as a nation is facing a Spiritual Battle for the heart and soul of the land.  We are see increasing darkness arise as people embrace values that conflict with the Scriptures and the biblical definition for marriage.  In September my wife and I will celebrate 16 years of marriage. 

Australia will soon conduct a postal survey asking people on their view on whether the marriage act should be changed.  The sad thing is many Christians have walked away from scripture to believe that SS Marriage is actually ok.

As a Minister and also Marriage Celebrant we would like you all to know that it is OK to say NO in this coming Vote.  And I support the Coalition for Marriage.

By Donny McGregor  Crosslink Endorsed Minister