BIO of Donny McGregor


Donny McGregor is the Founder and International Coordinator of Generation Fire, also a Crosslink Endorsed Minister since 2005 ,  Since Meeting Jesus at the age of 18 in 1993 he began to follow Jesus in the midst of persecution at High School, with a rich family heritage from South African his grandmother had prayed every day that he would become born again and run with fire. In 1995 this prayer was answered when one day walking to College Donny prayed a prayer that would change his life. Two weeks later at a Catch the Fire Meeting at the Foot of the Blue Mountains - Donny encountered God for the first time and was set on fire. This Fire has burned for 20 years. That same year Donny received the Call from God for the ministry and in 1996 began a 2 year Diploma of Ministry at Aquila College. It an atmosphere of revival Donny had been taught and raised up by Men of Faith like Robert Ferguson , Jonathan Wilson and Duncan Corby. In 1996 Donny went on his first ministry trip as a bible college student at the age of 20 and began to preach the Gospel with Signs and Wonders Following. In 1998 Graduated from Bible College and began to work with the McGregor's who were involved with the Pensacola Revival.  In April on 1998 Donny had travelled to the USA to experience Revival and spend one month travelling with the McGregor's and began to learn about the ministry and began speaking at Revival Meetings and witnessed many many people come to Christ and Encounter the Fire of the Holy Spirit. In was on this Trip that Donny had received an  Open Vision about God's Firestorm and received a calling to Go and Carry and Spread Revival Fire.  In the last 20 years Donny has planted 3 House Churches ,  20 Prayer Furnaces , Pioneered 2 movements  - Youth Arise in NSW and later on Generation Fire which just celebrated 10 years.   Donny has ministered in Church services , Crusades,  Open Air Meetings,  Conferences ,  City Wide Prayer Events , Solemn Assemblies, Mobile Ministry Schools.


Donny is married to Kate McGregor and have 4 Children, Currently reside in the Blue Mountains. Donny carries an anointing in revival fire , recently authored an E-Book called the Coming Firestorm.  The McGregor Family carry a heritage in Revivals. Donny's passion is about seeing the Bride, The Church Experience the Presence and Power of God , Seeing People set on fire. Seeing a whole generation raised up to spread the Fire and Glory of God.  In the last 3 Years  , Donny led a team to host an International Gathering called Messengers of Fire where 135 Hungry Laid down lovers of Jesus had attended and were commissioned to be messengers of Fire and saw 4 teams go out to different places to advance the Kingdom.

Most recently Donny had led a team to Elcho Island over 14 Days , and witnessed 150 Salvations , 75 people Baptised in a community with the population of 2500 people.  Nightly attendance of meetings when from 100 to 500 by the end of the time spent.

Between 1998 - 2016 ,  Donny has ministered in the Following Nations:   Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Bulgaria, Finland, Indonesia New Zealand, Philippines, Nepal, UK, Netherlands, South Africa, Singapore, United States.   Thousands have heard the Gospel , Have Encountered God, Have been healed , Have been commissioned and sent to advance the Kingdom of God.